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                Target customers

                Individuals who requires sleep quality improvement

                Organizations or companies that need to manage customer¡¯s sleep profile

                System Components

                Hardware: UMindSleep mini brainwave monitor and charging box

                Consumables: EEG sensing electrodes

                Software: UMindSleep sleep management APP

                Web Platform: Sleep Data Management System (Business Collaboration User)

                Basic function

                Sleep Assessment

                A. Sleep information monitoring

                Collect overnight brainwaves during sleep as well as heart, breathing and other parameters related to sleep, including heart rate, blood oxygen, snoring, body position and frontal temperature.

                B. Real-time sleep staging

                Based on real-time analysis of brainwave data, UMindSleep can accurately classify sleep stages: wake (W), light sleep (N1, N2 ), deep sleep (N3), rapid eye movement (R) during sleep process.

                C. Sleep quality assessment

                Generating sleep quality scores and reports automatically .

                Early warning and alarm

                During sleep monitoring at night, early warnings are provided when the heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature or other physiological information reaches preset thresholds, and alerts when they reach the dangerous levels.

                Sleep Optimization

                A. Sleep aid solutions

                Recommend customized sleep aid product or service to help the user improve sleep quality according to the sleep assessment.

                E-commerce of sleep aids products and O2O Services: Provide selected sleep aid products and services from all around the world on the APP, in which customers can follow recommendation or their own interests.

                B. Intelligent "Lulling to sleep" and healthy wake-up

                Based on the real-time sleep staging, the hypnotic music is automatically turned on when user tries to get sleep and automatically turned off after the user falls asleep;

                the next morning, when light sleep period is detected in the user¡¯s sleep cycle, it wakes the user up at the right time, to avoid sleep tiredness .

                Advantage positioning


                Grasp your sleep patterns and quality accurately at home, instead of going to the hospital.

                The same principle as the clinically professional sleep monitoring PSG, in line with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM ) designated standards: EEG sleep staging is the only gold standard for sleep.

                The accuracy of intelligent sleep staging has reached the clinically professional sleep monitoring PSG standard, and average mismatch is within 15%, an acceptable range for manual sleep staging by clinicians.


                Easy monitoring even on night trains

                With a weight of 15g£¬lighter than a normal eye mask, it will be neglected after a while;

                Small as a single spectacle lens, fits in a pocket.Easy to use, gently place it to the forehead , connect in the APP, and view the sleep report after waking up on the next day.


                Instant reports generation, intelligent "lull to sleep" and healthy wake up services

                Automatic sleep staging and sleep reports generats instantly, reports-viewing available right after of recording ends;

                Intelligent ¡°lull to sleep¡± and healthy wake-up: comforting hypnotic music is automatically turned on when going to bed, and turned off after falling asleep; in the next morning, gentle wake-up service is provided on the ¡°right¡± time for a refresh morning.


                Sleep doctors' recommendation:

                At least three times a week monitor can improve your awareness of enhancing sleep quality, adjust bad sleeping habits and detect sleep disorders timely.

                Tips: More frequent monitoring means better solutions for improving your sleep.

                Sleep aid service

                Enterprise Application

                Sleep aid products or service companies

                Sleep health screening

                Sleep aid evaluation

                Medical institutions

                Sleep disorders prescreening

                Sleep recover process tracing

                Medical examination institution:

                Sleep health examination

                Health management agency:

                Sleep health assessment

                Guidance for Health management plan

                Sleep health tracking

                Assessment of sleep improvement

                Pharmaceutical companies

                Clinical trial data tracking of drugs

                Precision marketing based on data

                Smart home items

                Nocturnal health association

                Special population health monitoring:

                Nocturnal health


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